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Scalp Problems

Scalp Problems

Scalp Problem treatment singapore
Having scalp problems such as Alopecia Areata, dandruff, ringworm, eczema and oily scalp? Try our Herbal Detox & Clarifying Treatment will give you effective results in just one try. We use only natural herbs and ingredients, without chemicals or preservatives. Natural treatments will not harm your scalp, it brings back your healthy scalp.

Successful Cases of Scalp Problem:

scalp treatment

scalp problem care centre singapore

Scalp infections treatment singapore

Scalp Infections


Scalp infections are one of the world’s major causes of hair damage and loss through the promotion of hair disease. Most scalp infection can be treated.

The main causes of scalp infections are various pathogens or micro-organisms liked bacteria, fungus, virus or parasites. Among these micro-organisms the most common pathogens involved in skin and hair infections are bacteria and fungus. However, there is a species of parasites called demodex folliculorum that causes a major hair infection (actually an infestation) in people and it is more likely to develop in people already affected by pattern baldness. Demodex folliculorum can lead to significant itching on the scalp and elsewhere, particularly in the eyebrows and eyelashes.



Eczema of the scalp – starts as a small pimple that gets larger and larger. Eventually it becomes patchy, flaky, or scaly patches. In some people the hair will fall out, leaving scaly patches of temporary baldness. The place where the infection is often become swollen, tender, and red. Sometimes, yellowish crusty areas will develop. It is very important to begin treating eczema on scalp in humans immediately.

The longer you delay, the worse the condition can become, and the more it will spread.

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