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Lao Fo Ye Hair Care Centre, Singapore's only tested/proven hair growth & hair loss specialist. Discover the different hair and scalp treatments that LaoFoYe Hair Care Centre can offer to you.

Hair Growth

Hair Growth


Natural Hair Growth results within 20 days. Satisfaction Guranteed! It works while you sleep

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Mr. Murugan (aged 29) suffered hair loss for a few years due to work stress and insomnia. In desperation, he cropped his hair to prevent hair loss during shampooing. However, his hairline continued to recede. The “M” at the top of the forehead became more prominent! After hair growth treatments at LaoFoYe, not only did his hair loss stop, new hair started to emerge! He also sleeps better because of the acupunctural-point massage he receives during treatment at LaoFoYe. His hair texture improved dramatically especially at the back of his head and front hairline is progressing.

ONLY at LaoFoYe Hair Care Centre
You can see it happening.

hair regrowth treatment singapore

Hair Cycle (Natural New Hair)

Hair grow from inside a hair bulb deep in a hair follicle (root). Mostly a few hair can grow from one follicle. Each hair grows for a few years. When one hair drops off, (50 – 100 hairs a day) a new hair should grow in its place. A good healthy follicle should reproduce hair by itself. This is the hair cycle.

Causes of Hair Loss (Stop hair loss)

The follicle is buried under the scalp. It is connected to the blood vessels and nerves and feeds through the dermal papilla. Stress and medication affects the health of the follicle. When the dermal papilla is under-nourished by the blood vessels or stressed, it becomes too weak to support new hair growth. i.e. more hair seem to be lost without replacement, thus resulting hair loss.

Genetic/Hereditary Hair Condition (Save hair loss)

Scientist and doctors are still not able to determine the causes to genetic hair condition or genetic hair loss but suspect that it has everything to do with the family’s blood makeup and diet habits.

Reverse Hair Cycle

Where a follicle has lost its last hair and gone to sleep,

LaoFoYe’s Secret Formula wakes it up.

Where one hair is left in a follicle,

LaoFoYe’s Secret Formula induces another to grow.



No medication, No side-effects,

No hair extensions, No weaving, No wig

LaoFoYe Hair Growth Treatment’s Expected Results:

  • Scalp become less oily or less dry
  • Hair roots become more protruding and darker
  • Hair get a lift and look firmer instead of limp and flat
  • Hair get healthier, therefore becomes thicker and look fuller
  • New hair growing, so scalp doesn’t look so empty

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